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The Master's Apprentice is a six-part series which each week introduces an established figure running a successful tourism or craft business to an individual seeking to establish their own business in the same sector and sets them both a challenge. The Master must pass on the secrets of their success and the Apprentice must seize the opportunity to learn and put their lessons into instant practice.

Over the course of one week the Apprentice is mentored by their Master and works alongside them in their business. They face a number of practical challenges set out for them by their master and designed to give them an insight into the realities of what it takes run a business and be successful.

This week Donie O'Sullivan the owner of Killarney Riding Stables in Co. Kerry is taking on an apprentice.

With just two horses, Donie O'Sullivan established Killarney Riding Stables, in Co Kerry in the 1960s. Today his stables are home to over 130 horses and his business caters to thousands of visitors from all over the world. Some come for a few hours to ride out in the stunning surrounds of the Killarney National Park and some come to spend up to seven days trail riding around Kerry.

A master in equine tourism, Donie has agreed to take on an apprentice to work alongside him and his family. The O'Sullivans will be passing to their apprentice the secrets of their success.






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